PAX Labs has announced the addition of two new devices joining their product portfolio this fall: the PAX Era, a streamlined extract vaporizer that works seamlessly with compatible Era Pods, and PAX 3, the latest version of the company’s signature handheld vaporizer, which has sold over one million units to date. The company also announced the release of the PAX Vapor app, which syncs with PAX 3 and PAX Era, both Bluetooth-enabled devices, and helps ensure the smartest, most customizable vapor experience possible.

Since summer of 2015, over a dozen mechanical, electrical, and test engineers with more than 40 years of collective experience in vaporizer product design have been hard at work on the newly announced releases. The compatibility of both new devices with concentrates underscores PAX’s commitment to leading the market in both loose leaf and extract vaporization, and highlights the rapid evolution of the industry since PAX first launched in 2007.

Vaporizer Innovation Driven by Research and Development



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